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Asics Running Shoes

From sports fans to professional athletes, Asics trainers are worn across the globe for their unbeatable performance in a variety of games and activities. ASICS running shoes feature attractive, iconic designs alongside world-leading technology and premium materials to give you an all-round, sports-focused trainer that only enhances your speed, agility and skill.

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The Japanese ASICS brand launched during the 1940s and is today a pioneer in sports footwear. Set to be a Gold Partner for Tokyo 2020; ASICS is worn by athletes across the globe. At Excell Sports, our ASICS trainers feature a range of sizes and colours to suit men and women of all tastes. ASICS running shoes come with incredible moisture management materials to keep you cool and dry. Their ergonomic fit, bounce-back properties, stretchy fabric, and high-grip outer sole ensure your foot stays securely and comfortably in your shoe with minimal chance of slipping. Our ASICS trainers also feature the incredible GEL cushioning technology, which absorbs shock at the front and back of your feet for comfort and protection during intense activity on hard grounds. You can even get reflective fabric on the outside of your ASICS running shoes for higher visibility when exercising in the evening or early morning. We also stock a wide selection of footwear for specific sports, including rugby, football, badminton, and basketball.