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Running is rocketing in popularity for being an effective way to get fit and shed weight without needing to join a gym or sports club. Speed and endurance are everything in running, which is why our range of running clothes and accessories features designs to help you push your limits and run for longer.

Running is a versatile sport that you can do alone, with a group, on a treadmill, or outside. This makes it great for people who value versatility and independence in their workouts, but it can mean that finding the ideal gear for all scenarios is difficult. At Excell Sports, we always source the best products for every activity and offer a huge range of running clothes to suit your jogging environment. We have leggings, tops and waterproof jackets to keep you dry and comfy both indoors and out, or you can check out our running shoes with enhanced arch supports, lightweight materials and extra-durable soles for pounding the pavement. Our running gear also includes accessories like water bottles and headbands to stop dehydration and sweat irritation, as well as support sleeves for injury prevention. Click on each running category for full ranges, or look through our rugby, football and basketball selections.