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Swimming Equipment

One of the few sports to use all of your major body muscles at once with minimal risk of stress and strain, swimming is a popular sport and fitness activity for swimmers of any age. At Excell Sports, our swimming equipment range features costumes, shorts, goggles, footwear, and accessories to help you stay safe, comfortable and streamlined in the water.

From kids to adults, our swimming equipment selection is ideal for helping you improve and enjoy the sport. Our swimwear category includes bikinis, one-piece costumes, trunks, and loose shorts in a variety of sizes and colours. Elasticised fabrics help provide a comfy fit that moves swiftly through water, while the bold colours keep you safely easy-to-spot as you swim. Get a pair of Nike or Adidas swim shoes to stop you slipping as you move around the pool, or go for Speedo goggles if you enjoy racing, competitive events and swimming outdoors. Kids love the water, which is why we’ve introduced our Learn to Swim selection. Keep them safe with brightly-coloured armbands and an inflatable swim seat, or let them play around and enjoy the exercise with Speedo kickboards, water balls and squirty toys. We have lots of swimwear and swimming equipment for you to choose. Click on each swimming equipment category for full ranges, or look through our rugby, football and basketball selections.